How does MoveAide work?

MoveAide sends feedback invite email
Use MoveAide to send feedback invite emails to your customers.
Customer receives feedback invite email
The feedback invite email is fully customizable. If your customer fails to post a review, the first reminder email goes out 5 days after and a final reminder goes out 10 days after.

Customer posts review

Upon receiving the feedback invite email, your customer can post a review by clicking on the link provided. It’s easy and shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes of your customer’s time.
Every reviewer stands a chance to win in MoveAide’s monthly draw.
A positive review!
Encourage social share
MoveAide will send them a thank you email and encourage them to share their review on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They stand additional chances of winning in MoveAide’s monthly draw for each social share.
Not a great review.
Negative review alert
You will be alerted instantly by email when a negative review is posted.
and manage quality
Use MoveAide’s comprehensive range of Analytics to measure and manage the service quality of your various service teams.

Post a management comment

Respond to both positive and negative reviews and demonstrate to both existing and prospective customers that you are genuinely interested in feedback, and that you take customer service seriously.

Marketing Widgets

Search Engine Optimization
Your review pages are search engine optimized to make it easier for your potential customers to find you on Google’s search results.
Email Signature Banner
Include this within your email signature to showcase your MoveAide review score. A potential customer who receives your email is likely to click on it, read your customer reviews and engage your services.
Website Widget
Incorporate our widget on your website to showcase your latest reviews. Reviews are dynamic and are refreshed each time a new review comes in.

Your Review Page

Having your reviews hosted on a neutral third party platform is the perfect way to showcase your customer testimonials. You are more likely to gain their trust and confidence compared to if the testimonials were found on your own website.
Free sales leads
Should a potential customer read your reviews on MoveAide and decide to engage your services through the MoveAide system, we will help connect the customer directly with you. All sales leads are free.

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