“Because my customers’ experience matter


Start collecting feedback instantly

For that competitive edge, you'll want to listen to what your customers are saying, compile that feedback and translate the information into meaningful analytics. MoveAide can do all that and more for you. With minimal customization required, you can start collecting feedback immediately.

Multiple devices. Anytime. Anywhere

Our cloud based customer feedback system can be accessed anytime and anywhere, whether it’s from a mobile device, laptop or a desktop.

Putting limited resources to better use

With limited resources, dedicating them for a customer feedback system can be a challenge. We understand all this, which is why we have automated our system keeping it simple and hassle free. No hardware, no software, no messy filling of forms, no additional resources needed.

Collect and Add

For companies who are more comfortable with collecting feedback through the pen and paper method, you can now continue to collect customer feedback the traditional way whilst enjoying the benefits of showcasing your customer feedback as well as tabulated performance scores to help manage your service teams.
Here's a video of how our Collect and Add feature works.

“Because I want to manage feedback effectively”

Your reviews in real time
With MoveAide’s online system, your customers post their feedback in real time. You no longer have to print out feedback forms, send them out, await their return, and in some instances, re-enter the information into a separate system.
Positive communications
Respond to every review. Tell your customers how much you appreciate their feedback. And if you fell short of their expectations, you can take the opportunity to respond to your customer immediately, demonstrating your pro-active measures to fix the situation.
Instant notifications and automated responses… when necessary
An unhappy customer doesn’t necessary have to remain one. When a less than stellar review is submitted, MoveAide will automatically send the customer a personalized email apology on your behalf. You will be notified immediately, and this will speed up the service recovery process, giving you that edge over your competitors.
Feedback Containment
With the rising popularity of social media, you never know when and where an angry customer has posted a public rant about your services. By being transparent and inviting your customers to post their feedback within MoveAide, you now have the ability to better manage and track their comments.

“Because I want increased sales and exposure

Word-of-Mouth, your best sales tool
Your customers are your best advocates. A recommendation from another customer can be more powerful than any other form of advertising. Showcase your customer reviews on a neutral platform like MoveAide and let people know how credible you are.
With our search optimization, the more reviews you collect, the better your chances of getting ranked higher on search engine result pages.
Integrated Social Media sharing
Instead of just having your customers’ reviews posted on MoveAide, we will also provide them with incentives to encourage them to share their reviews on both Facebook and Twitter.
Email Signature Banner
Once you have collected an arsenal of great reviews, you can include MoveAide’s email signature banner within your email signature to showcase your MoveAide review score. A potential customer who receives your email is likely to click on it, read your customer reviews and engage your services.
To find out more, read our Email Signature Banner blog entry here
Website Widget
Build trust and confidence with your customers by showcasing your latest reviews on your website with MoveAide’s web widget.
To find out more, read our Website Widget blog entry here

“Because I want to be where my potential customers are looking

Search Engine Optimization
of consumers admit that their buying decisions are actually influenced by online reviews. We make it easy for you to be where they are looking with our integrated search engine optimization.
The more reviews you collect on MoveAide, the higher the likelihood of your review page coming up tops in their search results.

“Because my customers’ deserve it”

Let MoveAide reward your customers for their efforts
We understand that some of your customers may find it a hassle providing feedback. As such, we have made our system intuitive and a breeze to use. To top it off, we wil also reward one reviewer each month; a little incentive for their efforts.

“Because I want to increase business performance

Real-time analytics for better decisions
How do you put the customer first if all you have are revenue figures, observations and miscellaneous feedback to base customer centric business decisions on? With MoveAide, all reviews and ratings are captured and analyzed… in real time.
Here's how MoveAide's analytics work
Appraise and set KPIs
Keep your company’s competitive edge with meaningful analytics of your customers' feedback. Find what your strengths and weaknesses are, and work towards the overall improvement of your business. We help you set measurable KPIs, ensuring an objective look at your team’s performance.

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