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Submitted Reviews

My move from Germany to Israel = March 2023

Review of Sonigo International in Ashdod, Israel, Israel

The local team, from survey to pick up (Firma Kurz), were not very friendly and the quality of their work was not always satisfactory. Surveyer did not asses the volume even remotely correctly. The pick up crew left things lying around. Including their own packaging equipment and material and even things that we intended to send. On the other side, they packed several things indiscriminately, things that were not intended to be packed and sent. Information about additional costs at the target address, was only communicated as an afterthought, when it was too late to do anything about it. Too bad in general, because the service supplied by Sonigo itself was really not bad and with other local business partners I would use their services again.


03 Mar 2023, 22:23