Harald Heinzinger
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Submitted Reviews

Mein Umzug von Mallorca nach Thailand = February 2023

Review of GLOBAL Movers - Relocation - Immigration in Madrid & Barcelona, Spain

During my life I have been in the situation to move the center of my life to another country several times. So also last year, when I decided to move from Mallorca to Thailand. Actually a Herculean task when you consider that initially no moving company was willing to carry out this move. Shipping all my belongings from Madrid to Patong would not have been a problem, but from Palma to Thailand was an impossibility for the otherwise organized industry for a long time. And then in a moment of deepest desperation, while I was already in the process, my plans to move forever and to write all times to the wind, it happened: A moving company from Madrid contacted me by email. That's how I met Christopher Rosemeyer, who promised to do the move for me. At the same time he encouraged me to make the task absolutely easy for me. And that's how it happened. For the first time in my life I felt like I could close my eyes, sit back and just enjoy what was going on around me. The crew, who packed all my moving goods in 40 boxes, worked so perfectly and professionally that it took your breath away. All in all, I certainly have the easiest and most relaxed move of my life behind me. The mover's price was reasonable. Many thanks again to Christopher Rosemeyer and his staff, whose professional work I can only warmly recommend.


24 Feb 2023, 18:33