Theresa Bruennler
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Submitted Reviews

from Ningbo to Linz = November 2021

Review of RapidWorld Relo Shanghai International Movers in Shanghai, China

Overall i am more than pleased with your service, keep up the good work! :) only bummer was that the moving guy came alone (it was a lot of boxes to carry for him) and could not understand or speak english or german. he could not tell me anything about the paperwork i needed to sign before he could leave, but we managed. i am afraid someone else might take advantage of that. In general, he was still very kind, very very quick and careful with the packages,and did an excellent job and if i move again, i would still prefer someone like him over someone speaking languages but not being so careful with my stuff. communication in general was very quick and helpful, it took a lot of pressure from my shoulders. Thanks a lot! have a nice day!


16 Nov 2021, 19:01