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Submitted Reviews

From Shanghai, China to Luton, England = June 2020

Review of SAE Asia Co., Ltd (Shanghai) in Shanghai, China

When COVID-19 became rampant in Shanghai, I was currently visiting the UK. I knew there was no way of returning to China, and I had to find a way to get my things out of my apartment ASAP. SAE Asia was recommended to me through a friend, but I was also looking for other companies, comparing their quotes. I decided to go with SAE Asia after all and it was the best decision ever! I worked with three different people during the stages of moving and they were all very wonderful. My things arrived to the UK after two months and everything was intact. There were no broken pieceS, no spillage (and trust me, I had A LOT of liquids sent because of skincare products), nothing! It was all splendid. I highly recommend SAE Asia if you need to move.


16 Jun 2020, 01:11