Johannes Becherer
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Submitted Reviews

Move from Oregon, USA to Hamburg = March 2020

Review of EOS Move Management GmbH & Co. KG in Darmstadt, Germany

We moved from Oregon USA to Hamburg Germany. It was a little short notice because I first had to get offers from different companies and then had to have some confirmed by my future employer. Anyway, once I gave EOS (Herrn Seifert) the GO, he was able to organize the whole move within a very short time. Organizing a pick up pretty much a week later short before Christmas. The communication with Herrn Seifert was very good. He was addressing questions and concerns we had pretty much right away throughout the whole shipment process. We were a little concerned about potential issues with customs in Germany, but Herr Seifert dealt with all the paper work and it went through without any issues. Eventually we got all our goods delivered in time without any problems. Overall, we are very happy and would recommand EOS moving to anybody. It was especially nice to have someone to talk/write to throughout the process, who answered usually straight away. We would definitely use the service of EOS again.


10 Mar 2020, 19:31