My move from shanghai to berlin

Our move from Shanghai to Berlin was fantastic, up until the point we had to ...

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Christina T

07 Feb 2023, 19:34

My move from sh to ecuador

The relocation on my things from SH to Ecuador was quite smoothly , both part...

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Stefanie M

07 Feb 2023, 13:06

From shanghai to turin italy

The service was just perfect, and I an appreciate the care used handling my s...

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Paolo M

07 Feb 2023, 11:08

Beijing, china to perugia, italy

The team was very professional

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Rhoda A

07 Feb 2023, 06:37

Move from shanghai to bangkok


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Luca P

07 Feb 2023, 05:59

Move from shanghai to bangkok

I had a great experience with my move!

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James M

02 Feb 2023, 09:08

My move from zhuhai to spain


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Eneko L

30 Jan 2023, 07:21

Shanghai to thailand

we like the service, but we we got 2 damaged items and havent still heard any...

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Allan N

30 Jan 2023, 01:32

Shanghai to southern california

Ours was a relatively complicated move with some goods at the outbound locati...

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Ronald M

29 Jan 2023, 17:27

My move from beijing to zurich

Very satisfied with Rapid World's moving service, from the moving consultant ...

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Jenghiz V S

29 Jan 2023, 10:52

Shanghai to cape town, south africa

I would highly recommend using RapidWorld Relo Shanghai International Movers....

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Kacy C

29 Jan 2023, 05:09

Move from beijing to melbourne

Highly recommended! Very responsible. Definitely give me a piece of mind. A b...

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Connie Z

28 Jan 2023, 22:35

My move from beijing, china to madrid...

Dear RapidWorld team, thank you so much for your help, attention and time. ...

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Miriam L

28 Jan 2023, 18:56