Family move from thailand to australia

It was a very simple process despite being very busy at the time the move par...

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Mr.Richard H H

26 Mar 2023, 23:58

My move from thailand to india

Wonderful service and polite and understanding staff. Very very appreciated.

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Mr.Amit K

26 Mar 2023, 11:23

Move goods from third floor to ground...


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Ms.Lisa A

23 Mar 2023, 06:37

My move from bangkok to kuala lumpur

An electrical Fan was dismantled without informing me during the packing in B...

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Mr.Sek Y L

23 Mar 2023, 03:22

My move within bangkok

I was not there during the move, however, everything seems good, better than ...

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Ms.Dora C

17 Mar 2023, 05:56

Move from london to bangkok

Good & convenient service - everything was packed and unpacked for me with al...

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Ms.Karen J H

15 Mar 2023, 02:43

Our move from bangkok thailand to ger...

We are very pleased so far with the performance of the whole team! From the...

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Mr.Leonhard Z

14 Mar 2023, 12:20

Bangkok to jakarta


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Mr.Vishal S

14 Mar 2023, 11:39

My move from malaysia to thailand


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Ms.Chan K Y

14 Mar 2023, 07:09

Moving pictures

We have not moved but merely sent some pictures to U.K..

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Mr.Christopher R H

13 Mar 2023, 09:46

My move in bangkok

Excellent and stress free

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Mrs.Gloria K

11 Mar 2023, 07:45

From bangkok to bangalore


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Mr.Selvakumar R

11 Mar 2023, 06:16

Lebanon (beirut) to thailand (bangkok)

Bad experience from shoppers: I didn’t know what was going on, I have charged...

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Mr.Supoj W

23 Feb 2023, 05:53