Responding to Reviews – Why it’s important and How to do it right

In today’s digital era, online reviews are now vital to the success of any business looking to increase their business via the digital space.

With nearly 90% of consumers saying they will only consider purchasing a product or service from a business if they have online reviews with an average rating of 3 stars or more, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the importance of building an arsenal of online reviews for brand presence and reputation.

Responding well to these online reviews is also vital in helping you build a positive online presence.

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Unleash the Power of your Online Reviews!

Every moving company needs a solid strategy to leverage their online presence. Because if people don’t trust you, they won’t entrust you with their prized possessions, no matter how good you say you are.

So now that you’ve been using MoveAide for some time to collect, showcase and manage your customer reviews online, how can we work those reviews to leverage your online presence? How do we get more eyeballs for your digital trophies?

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Increasing Sales Conversions with your Customer Feedback

Why are customer reviews important?

Did you recently purchase something online where a review influenced your purchase decision? For most online users, the answer is yes.

Have you experienced shopping online where a lack of reviews for a particular product or service gave you second thoughts about your purchase? As discerning individuals, we want to make sure we have done our homework before making a purchase. In today’s digital era, the opinions of fellow consumers play a huge part in deciding whether a sale goes through.

In a recent 2015 Nielsen research report on global trust in advertising where 30,000 respondents from 60 countries were polled, 69% of them said that they would base their purchase decisions on reading customers reviews posted online. And 70% of the respondents in the 30 to 49 years age group said they would read online reviews before making a purchase decision.

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