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Preparing to use MoveAide

++Preparing to use MoveAide

To get the very most out of the MoveAide system, we highly recommend that the following responsibilities are assigned to a dedicated individual(s) depending on your organization structure.

- Send feedback invites to customers
- Monitor reviews and post management comments
- Negative review alerts
- Monitor analytics

It would be beneficial to you if someone with an extensive level of customer communications / service experience be tasked with posting management comments.

Here are some additional tips, which we feel might be useful:

Quick Tip
Send feedback invites to all customers a day after the completion of their moves. This allows the customer enough time to collect their thoughts about your service quality and helps you manage your outgoing invites list.
Quick Tip
Monitor reviews every few days or daily if possible. It’s always useful to hear what your customers are saying about you.
Quick Tip
Have monthly / Bi-monthly management meetings to go through the performance analytics to identify areas that you are excelling in as well as areas that needs improving.

Navigating around the system

Navigating around the system

Once you have successfully logged into the system, you will have access to the following pages:


    The profile page is where you update contact details of the company as well as the email address of the person who will be receiving the negative feedback notification.


    The send invite page is where you will send feedback invites to your customers.


    The reviews page is where you can search, manage and analyze all the reviews that have been submitted by your customers. You can also post management comments to customer reviews here as well.


    The analytics page contains various real time analytics that you can look at. These analytics have been designed to help you better manage your service quality. Analytics is only available for members subscribed to the PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE packages.


    The billing page is where you update your accounts and billing details. You can also choose to upgrade, downgrade and cancel your subscriptions here.

Managing your profile page

Managing your profile page

One of the first things you want to do when setting up your company profile in MoveAide is upload a picture of your company logo.

You can do this in the PROFILE PAGE by clicking on the Choose File button and then selecting the picture file to be uploaded.

The picture file of your company logo should be in JPG, GIF or PNG format. The file size should not be more than 1 MB and the recommended resolution is 150 x 150 pixels.

Once you have selected your file to upload, just click on the SAVE CHANGES button.

Fields on the right side of the PROFILE PAGE contains information that is made public on the MoveAide Site.

These information are made available to visitors of MoveAide to easily identify and contact you.

Please make sure that all information in this section is up to date.

Fields on the left side of the PROFILE PAGE contains details which are not made public.

For the following fields:

  1. Manager’s First Name
  2. Manager’s Last Name
  3. Manager’s Email

They should contain details of the key person managing the MoveAide system within the organization as automated emails will be sent to the specified person.

You can also change your login email address as well as your login passwords here.

Quick Tip

When one of your customers posts a negative feedback, MoveAide will alert you immediately via email.

This email alert will be sent to the email address specified in the Manager’s Email field.

Quick Tip

When you send feedback invites to your customers, MoveAide will summarize the list of invites in a .csv file and this will be sent back to you for your reference.

The .csv file will be sent to the email address specified in the Manager’s Email field.

Sending feedback invites to your customers

Sending feedback invites to your customers

The send invite page is where you send feedback invites to your customers.

To send a feedback invite to your customer, the following details are required:

  • Customer’s Name
  • Customer’s Email Address
  • Date of Move (Either the job start or job end date, depending on your organization’s practice)
  • Customer’s Job Reference Number

If you need to add more lines to invite your customers, you can do so by clicking on the button

Once you have filled up the details, click on the button

By clicking on this, the following takes place:

The MoveAide system also allows you to send invites via importing your customer’s details from a .csv file.

Event 1The customer will receive an email with a link inviting them to post a customer feedback.
Event 2The “Date of Move” and “Customer’s Job Reference Number” fields will auto-populate in the customer’s feedback form, making it easier for them to post a feedback.
Event 3An email with the .csv file will be sent to the email address as specified in the Manager’s Email field in the PROFILE PAGE.
Event 4If the customer does not click on the feedback link in the Customer Feedback Invite Email, MoveAide will automatically send a reminder email to the customer 5 days later.
Event 510 days later, if the customer still hasn’t clicked on the feedback link, we will send a final reminder.
Event 6If the customer selects “Will not recommend this mover” in their feedback, an email alert will be sent to the email address as specified in the Manager’s Email field in the PROFILE PAGE.

To import the .csv file, just click on the Choose File button and select the file from your computer.

Understanding your review page

Understanding your review page

The colored score bar you see at the top of the REVIEWS PAGE reflects the accumulated ratings for each category as well as the overall ratings.

Scores for each category (i.e. Sales Consultant, Packing Crew, etc) are the average scores based on the rated questions within each category.

The stars in the overall rating reflect the average overall experience scores. Stars are rated as follows:

5Average “Overall Experience” score between 9 – 10
4Average “Overall Experience” score between 7 – 8
3Average “Overall Experience” score between 5 – 6
2Average “Overall Experience” score between 3 – 4
11Average “Overall Experience” score between 1 – 2
01Average “Overall Experience” score between 0

Whilst viewing reviews, you can sort them by the following orders, both in ascending and descending orders

Just click on the category which you wish to sort your reviews by. A triangle icon to the right of the category will mean that the results are sorted in ascending order. An inverted triangle icon will mean that the results are sorted in descending order.

To quickly identify the happy customers from the frustrated ones, you can refer to the face icon below the reviewer’s profile picture.
Happy customer

Dissatisfied Customer

Posting a management comment

Posting a management comment

To respond to a review with a management comment, you just need to click the blue message icon found at the bottom right of the review

When you click on the blue message icon, a message box will appear to the right of the review. Type in your comments in the text field and once you are done, click on the “Submit Reply” button. Your comments will now appear below your customer’s review


List of analytics available

List of analytics available

OverallThe overall analytics page gives you with an overview of the feedback ratings that your customers have rated you on. You also get to see the number of reviews over a specified period and the percentage of customers who will recommend your services to others.
DepartmentsThe departments analytics page gives you a breakdown of your detailed ratings that your customers have rated you on.
Social SharesThe social shares analytics page shows you the number of Facebook and Twitter shares that your customers’ reviews have generated in the MoveAide website.
Response RateThe response rate analytics page provides you with statistics of responses in relation to feedback invitations sent out to customers.
Group ReportsGroup Analytics page is available only for our Enterprise package subscribers. This is where managers of multiple offices can see the performance of each office in relation to each other as well as to the industry and group averages.
Other ReportsVarious other reports that you may find useful can be found here. All reports are exportable to .csv format.

Generating analytics

Generating analytics
  1. To start generating any analytics, make sure you specify the Start and End dates to cover the period which you would like to view the analytics. This can be done in the date fields found on the top menu bar.

Need a soft copy of the MoveAide business user manual?

Need a soft copy of the MoveAide business user manual?

The MoveAide business user manual is a detailed guide which documents step by step instructions on how to get things done. This guide is available to all our subscribed members and can be downloaded from the Profile Page.


What is MoveAide?

MoveAide is a cloud based customer feedback system for the moving industry. We help moving companies around the world, collect, measure and manage their customer feedback. All feedback are published online and our user-friendly platform helps anyone around the world select a mover.

What can MoveAide do for me?

MoveAide’s cloud based customer feedback system relieves moving companies of the costs, inefficiencies and complexities of maintaining a traditional customer feedback system. As a MoveAide customer, you will enjoy a hassle free way of collecting real time customer feedback. Our social media integration will ensure your positive reviews help you spread your reach and increase your online presence. Real time analytics will provide you with constant service quality performances on multiple levels.

Can I customize the list of review questions?

Currently, the surveyed questions are fixed. Reason for this is because the analytics will only work if everyone is being rated based on the same criteria. The questions that are included in our feedback form have been carefully selected and were chosen based on the areas of importance to people who looking for a mover.

We are currently developing an add-on to allow companies to add customized questions to the standard list. There will be an additional fee for this service on top of the package price.

Can we export the analytics into excel format?

Definitely! All analytics can be exported to Excel as and when you want. There is no limit to the number of times you want to generate these reports. All you need to do is to go to the Analytics page, specify the date period you would like the statistics to show in your reports and the system will provide you with the details instantly.

What if I want specific analytics and reports that are not available in your system?

Currently, we only have a standard set of analytics. For additional or specific analytics, we have two options. If the report format you are requesting for is something that we feel will be beneficial to all our other customers as well, we will try to include this in our future releases, without any charges.

If however, it's a very specific report that only your office requires, there will be an additional charge for this. It will be a one-time fee for the development of the report and the reports will be made available to all offices within the group. Cost of the report will depend on its complexity.

For the group reports, can other offices within the group view each others’ scores?

We have set it such that offices that are part of the same group can see each other's overall average scores. Individual scores will only be available to the office itself and not to the group.

Should we decide to discontinue using MoveAide, how do we take ownership of all our customers’ feedback?

All collected data can be exported to an excel file and passed back to you. In fact, this data download is already available in our Analytics page and you can export and download the data at your convenience. The reviews will however continue to remain on the MoveAide site as reviews posted by your customers are the intellectual property of the reviewers themselves.



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